Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Help Patrick Walk

Help Patrick WalkHelp Patrick WalkPatrick Ivison is bright, articulate, and handsome with a quick wit and delightful sense of humor. Patrick was diagnosed as a quadriplegic due to an incomplete C-4/C-5 spinal cord injury that he suffered when he was hit by a car as a small child.

Patrick and his family want him to participate in Project Walk in Carlsbad, California, an intensive physical therapy program that has had amazing results with people from all over the world. He has been evaluated by Project Walk and they absolutely believe they can help Patrick. The problem is that this program is expensive and so far NOT covered by insurance. We are fighting that, but even if the insurance provider accepts some responsibility it will only pay a fraction of the costs. Each hour of treatment costs $100 and Patrick needs 6 hours of treatment per week for at least three years. Patrick’s family and friends are working to raise $90,000 to cover Patrick’s rehabilitation.

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Road To Responsibility: Serving The Needs Of Individuals With Disabilities

Here is a group that deserves your support. -Annie

Road To Responsibility

Dear Annie

As I was doing some research on the web, I came upon your site. I would like to share with you my story of a worthy cause.

My husband and I were working in Human Services in the early 1980's. Our jobs involved working with adults who had Developmental Disabilities. Deinstitutionalization here in Massachusetts was an exciting time filled with rapid change. Rick and I also volunteered running dances once a month for the same people we worked with during the day. It was then that we got to know their families. We quickly realized that these were unbelievable people who were providing care for their son or daughter 24/7. They did so with no form of respite and, if lucky, a day program. It was from that experience that Road to Responsibility was given birth to.

With an enormous amount of support from family and friends, Rick and I founded Road to Responsibility in Nov. 1988. We have since grown considerably to meet the needs of those we support. In addition to our traditional services consisting of residential, day rehabilitation & employment we have recreation/family support and the Ocean Village Ventures. These ventures our self sustaining small businesses that support the employment of individuals with disabilities.

We currently have 2 motels, a function hall, a homemade ice cream shop, 3 vintage bookstores, an upscale consignment shop and Open Waters which provide boating and fishing opportunities.

Please take a moment to look at our web site...

It has a link to our video that best tells the story of Road to Responsibility.

Cass Walker
Cofounder/Vice President Development

A Reader's Post: Endometriosis Research Center

I received this email recently, and I want to share it with you. -Annie


Dear Annie,

I was sorting through e-mails and looking for new fundraising ideas when I did a search. I found your site and read through many of the various links that were in it. I would like to take the chance to thank you for such a well thought out site.

What made me write were two things: one- I am 33 and had a hysterectomy at age 30- my son (age 10 at the time) had brain cancer 1 year later- and survived. I saw you promoting kids cancer links- for that my heartfelt thanks. Secondly, our ribbon for endometriosis is *also* yellow. A symbol of hope- yes.... you mentioned it for children's cancer- and also Military (my husband is Air Force) if nothing else- thank you for getting the word out on these two very important matters. If you could help with the endometriosis, I would very much appreciate it.

My name is Denise Childs, and I am the Director of Fundraising for the Endometriosis Research Center, which is based out of Florida. I currently live in Arizona and commute via computer to do all of the volunteer work for ERC. I also am Founder of the EndoCenter of Phoenix, which is our local support group that meets in "real time" and in person. What makes our group so special and different is that we are volunteers running every support group, to the largest listserv on line for women with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a very *undiagnosed and misdiagnosed* disease that affects millions worldwide. Please follow the below link to find out more on endometriosis:

Please visit the Endometriosis Center Listserver

For More information on Endometriosis

Please visit Our Cafe Press Shop of products for the cause.

The Future Of Ryan White AIDS Funding: Ryan White ACTION Campaign

Ryan WhiteRyan WhiteRYAN WHITE
(Dec. 6, 1971 - April 8, 1990)

The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act is named after Ryan White, an Indiana teen who was infected with HIV when using contaminated blood products to treat his hemophilia.

Former Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher and Jeann e White-Ginder, a prominent advocate and mother of the late Ryan White, the teen who helped bring the issue of AIDS to the nation's attention, have joined forces as part of a national campaign to support reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act, which expired on September 30, 2005.

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