Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Help Patrick Walk

Help Patrick WalkHelp Patrick WalkPatrick Ivison is bright, articulate, and handsome with a quick wit and delightful sense of humor. Patrick was diagnosed as a quadriplegic due to an incomplete C-4/C-5 spinal cord injury that he suffered when he was hit by a car as a small child.

Patrick and his family want him to participate in Project Walk in Carlsbad, California, an intensive physical therapy program that has had amazing results with people from all over the world. He has been evaluated by Project Walk and they absolutely believe they can help Patrick. The problem is that this program is expensive and so far NOT covered by insurance. We are fighting that, but even if the insurance provider accepts some responsibility it will only pay a fraction of the costs. Each hour of treatment costs $100 and Patrick needs 6 hours of treatment per week for at least three years. Patrick’s family and friends are working to raise $90,000 to cover Patrick’s rehabilitation.

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