Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Road To Responsibility: Serving The Needs Of Individuals With Disabilities

Here is a group that deserves your support. -Annie

Road To Responsibility

Dear Annie

As I was doing some research on the web, I came upon your site. I would like to share with you my story of a worthy cause.

My husband and I were working in Human Services in the early 1980's. Our jobs involved working with adults who had Developmental Disabilities. Deinstitutionalization here in Massachusetts was an exciting time filled with rapid change. Rick and I also volunteered running dances once a month for the same people we worked with during the day. It was then that we got to know their families. We quickly realized that these were unbelievable people who were providing care for their son or daughter 24/7. They did so with no form of respite and, if lucky, a day program. It was from that experience that Road to Responsibility was given birth to.

With an enormous amount of support from family and friends, Rick and I founded Road to Responsibility in Nov. 1988. We have since grown considerably to meet the needs of those we support. In addition to our traditional services consisting of residential, day rehabilitation & employment we have recreation/family support and the Ocean Village Ventures. These ventures our self sustaining small businesses that support the employment of individuals with disabilities.

We currently have 2 motels, a function hall, a homemade ice cream shop, 3 vintage bookstores, an upscale consignment shop and Open Waters which provide boating and fishing opportunities.

Please take a moment to look at our web site...

It has a link to our video that best tells the story of Road to Responsibility.

Cass Walker
Cofounder/Vice President Development


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